Dongho Reveals Wedding Rings and His Thoughts About Marriage

Soon-to-be husband Dongho, a former member of boy group U-KISS, revealed his thoughts on his marriage online. On November 1, Dongho wrote a message on his personal Twitter.

He wrote, “Hello, this is Dongho. I am greetting you for the first time after a long time through the news of my marriage. I want to sincerely thank those who have congratulated me and supported my marriage. I will live well and happily. Many have expressed worry over the fact that I am getting married at such a young age. However, this is a decision that my partner and I have made through many discussions, planning, and preparation. Whether one is young or old, we believe that a happy marriage is made through a lot of effort. Although we are young, we think that we can live a happy married life as long as we put in our sincere effort to make it work.”

He also responded to alledged photos of his couple rings circulating online. “The photo of the rings that I uploaded is of my wedding rings for my marriage. Please refrain from using other photos of rings,” he wrote.

The photo he is referring to is of Dongho’s rings for his marriage and is drawing much attention toward the couple as they will soon be having their wedding photo shoot.

Dongho’s love and concern for his non-celebrity wife especially showed when he also wrote, “When it comes to how much I should reveal about my personal life, I need to consider the bride’s feelings. I do not want her to get hurt. I will reveal more details after the wedding photo shoot.”

Dongho was a former member of the boy group, U-KISS, but he left the group when he decided to take a break from the entertainment industry in 2013. Last month, through the news of his engagement, he has returned into the spotlight of the media and has been receiving a lot of attention from the internet community.

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