Suzy Blossoms as a Pansori Singer in “The Sound of a Flower”

Two new posters for the upcoming film “Dorihwaga” (English title: “The Sound of a Flower”) have been released, starring Ryu Seung Rong and miss A’s Suzy.

Directed by Lee Jong Pil, the film tells the story of the first female pansori singer, Jin Chae Sun, and her teacher, the pansori master Shin Jae Hyo. The poster shows a young innocent woman in an elegant hanbok and the serious teacher at her side. People are looking forward to Suzy’s portrayal of the young woman who overcomes her fate and dreams of music, as well as Ryu Seung Rong’s charismatic portrayal of a stern but dependable master.

suzy ryu seung rong dorihwaga

Both characters are based on real historical figures and the film takes place in 1867, in the Joseon era. The film’s slogan reads, “In a time when women could not perform pansori, her story begins.”

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