So Ji Sub Pours Passion Into Every Scene For “Oh My Venus”

Some still cuts from So Ji Sub’s upcoming drama “Oh My Venus” have been released. The new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama is expected to begin broadcasting November 16. So Ji Sub plays the role of Kim Young Ho, a world-class health trainer who is the secret heir to a medical corporation.

In the pictures, So Ji Sub stands in the pouring rain and looks at someone or something with an intense and longing gaze. The images come from the filming at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital on October 24. In order to get a rainy scene, the staff used a massive sprinkler truck for three hours.

As the sun set, the temperature dropped, but So Ji Sub withstood the cold and made sure to take care of the staff first. Fans of all nationalities, having heard of the filming, came to see him on set and the filming was suspended briefly because of the sudden crowd.

A representative of the production company said, “So Ji Sub has synchronized 100 percent with the character. We could not have casted anyone better.” They went on to add, “Every time he finishes a scene, he monitors himself. He is very passionate about his work.”

“Oh My Venus” is a romantic comedy about a famous health trainer and a female lawyer, a former ulzzang, who attempt a diet routine together and heal each other’s scars. One of the most anticipated dramas for the last half of 2015, the script is written by Kim Eun Ji (“Why I’m Getting Married”), directed by Kim Hyung Suk (“You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly”), and stars So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah, Jung Gyu Woon, and Yoo In Young.

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