Choi Siwon is Sexy and He Knows It

On the November 2 broadcast of SBS Power FM‘s “Kim Chang Ryeol‘s Old School,” Super Junior member Kangin filled in for Kim Chang Ryeol as a special DJ.

During the broadcast, Kangin said that the member he’d most like to try double DJing with is none other than Choi Siwon. His reason? “Choi Siwon is the hottest member in the group, and he knows it. Before this broadcast started I actually got a phone call from him, and he was talking before I even had the chance to speak as soon as I picked up the phone.”

Choi Siwon has been making waves with his most recent role in the drama “She Was Pretty.” The drama will be his last before he leaves on November 19 to undergo his mandatory military service, where he will serve as a conscripted police officer.

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