Kim Young Chul and Film Crew of “Real Men” Involved in Minor Accident

Kim Young Chul of “Real Men” and five staff members are reported to have been in a minor car accident.

The accident took place on an expressway between Daegu and Pohang, where the filming crew and Kim Young Chul were involved in a multi-vehicle rear-end collision. The producer of “Real Men,” Kim Min Jong, stated that Kim Young Chul sustained minor injuries and would be seeking treatment at a hospital.

“At the moment of the collision, Kim Young Chul grabbed on to something and subsequently broke a finger. It’s not a serious injury, but it was decided that since filming will be difficult, he will be taking a break from ‘Real Men’ to recover.”

The police are still investigating the accident, although initial reports state that a freight truck rear-ended another freight truck, causing its cargo to spill out into the road.

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