Magic and Romance Collide in New Trailer for “Joseon Magician”

Returning for his first film in three years, director Kim Dae Seung‘s newest film “Joseon Magician” has revealed its trailer!

Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Go Ara, and Kwak Do Won, the film is about Joseon’s best magician, who begins a relationship with a princess on her way to Qing and cheats fate when he gets caught up in a dangerous plot. It’s not just Kim Dae Sung’s comeback; the film will be Yoo Seung Ho’s first since his discharge from the army last December.

On the two lead actors, Kim Dae Seung said, “They work beautifully together. I smile without thinking [when I think of them].” Conversely, Yoo Seung Ho described the director as very meticulous, saying that thanks to him the film became more and more perfect.

Go Ara said, “Thanks to the director’s help, I was able to better portray my character’s complicated emotions.”

Check out the trailer for “Joseon Magician” below! Will you see it when it comes out?

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