Jung Ryeo Won Is Apologetic Toward Park Hyo Shin for False Marriage Rumors

Actress Jung Ryeo Won speaks about her false marriage rumor to singer Park Hyo Shin.

On November 2, Jung Ryeo Won posted on her Instagram her feelings about the scandal. It says, “I was caught by surprise while I was on the set filming. Talk of marriage that I have no knowledge of. I’m Park Hyo Shin’s fan. I’ve even attended his concerts. However, I don’t even know his phone number and we’ve never met. No matter how much I deny the rumor, it doesn’t go away once it’s in the print. I’m taken aback by it and apologetic toward Park Hyo Shin.”

She adds, “I want everyone to know it’s not true. Thank you for those around me on the set who were concerned for me. I’ll calm myself down and get back to filming.”

Earlier, a news outlet had reported that Jung Ryeo Won and Park Hyo Shin are dating with marriage in mind. The news outlet claimed that Jung Ryeo Won and Park Hyo Shin’s relationship was a known fact among fans.

On the other hand, Jung Ryeo Won’s agency Keyeast Entertainment made an official announcement confirming with the two individuals that the rumor is untrue. They have no personal relationship whatsoever.

The agency went on to say, “We requested correction from the news outlet, but they did not oblige. We request that the news outlet publish a correction to the article and an apology for negatively affecting Jung Ryeo Won. If our request is denied, we’ll seek proper legal actions.”

As a response to the firm denial, the news outlet deleted the original article they published about the rumor.

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