EXO’s Chanyeol Pleads His Obsessive Fans for Self-Control

EXO’s Chanyeol makes a plea for self-control to his obsessive (sasaeng) fans in China.

On November 3, Chanyeol posted on his Weibo, “The reason I’m writing this is because I experienced something very dangerous in Shanghai.” He said he decided to post his thoughts after deep and careful consideration.

He goes on to comment, “On my way out of the airport, there were about 20 cars that persistently followed me in Shanghai. These cars blocked the road and made several dangerous lane changes blocking our van. We almost got into several accidents.”

He adds, “There were so many stopped cars along our paths and the [sasaeng fans] kept coming into our lane. Causing such danger is wrong. I hope that the fans can cheer us on without interfering with other people and guaranteeing your own safety.”

EXO is a very popular group in both Korea and China and they have been known to struggle with sasaeng fans in the past. To prevent further danger, Chanyeol took it upon himself to send out a message of warning to the sasaeng fans asking them to handle themselves with maturity.

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