Homme Tells a Tragic Love Story With “It’s Not Love” MV

On October 3, duo Homme released their music video for their new digital single “It’s Not Love.”

“It’s Not Love” is a retro Brit-pop ballad that has melancholy lyrics. Amidst the sound of a solo piano and drums, the plaintive voices of the two singers express the sensitive side of love. A xylophone and a vibraphone contribute to the unique melody. The lyrics express the pain involved in accepting the truth.

Last October, Homme released their R&B ballad “Don’t Cry,” and continue to move hearts with “It’s Not Love.”

As for the music video, it features the sad love story of a terminally ill man and his photographer girlfriend who doesn’t leave his side. While they are obviously in love, they are also in a lot of pain. Thai model ICE (Icezy Nattarat) and Korean model Kim Hee Sun realistically portray the couple.

Check it out here:

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