Amber Reveals Which f(x) Member She Would Like to Send to the Army the Most

Amber knows what it’s like to live a tough military life, and she said she would like to send Krystal to experience it as well.

On November 3, Krystal and Amber appeared in SBS Power FM’s “Old School” in order to talk about their new fourth album and behind stories about it.

When asked who she would like to send to the army the most out of the members of f(x), Amber says, “Though I used to say that I want to send all of them, honestly I just want Krystal to go.”

“It’s because Krystal doesn’t have much strength. I think she’ll get healthier if she goes and works out,” she adds.

“This is her trying to be good on camera. At our practice room, she told me, ‘You have to go through some hardships,’” Krystal blurts out.

Meanwhile, Kangin appeared as a special DJ for “Old School” to substitute for Kim Chang Ryul.

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