Ji Sung Wins Special Award at 10th Asian TV Drama Conference

Ji Sung will be recognized for his work as an actor with a special award at the 10th Asian TV Drama Conference.

The awards ceremony is set to take place on November 4, while the main events will take place from November 5 to 8 in Kitakyushyu, Japan.

Other winners include Chinese acting star Hu Ge, producer Yoo Chul Yong (“Triangle,” “Swallow the Sun,” and “All In”), and Japanese screenwriter Shin’ichi Ichikawa, who passed away in 2011 but continues to be remembered for his outstanding work. The awards were given to individuals who have greatly contributed to the development of Asian drama.

Ji Sung received rave reviews and praises for his performance on MBC’s “Kill Me, Heal Me” earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Asian TV Drama Conference has brought together some of the leading Asian drama producers, writers, and actors—mainly from Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam—since 2006. This year’s event will analyze country-specific drama trends and the reasons for certain dramas’ success.

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