Epik High Delights Fans With Hilarious Parody Posters for Upcoming Concert

It seems like Epik High loves making hilarious posters for their concerts!

For their last concert series, “Now Playing,” the group parodied movie posters.

Now for their “LEGEND 3” concert, Epik High has dropped another set of silly posters that parody famous idol groups and stars in the past.

epik high poster

epik high poster 6

One poster shows Epik High parodying Seo Taiji and Boys, renamed as Sun Woong and Boys. Another shows them dressed up as the girl group S.E.S, renamed as S.O.S. The group also poked fun at the “Kpop Star” judges, the agency Illionaire, and the popular song “Oppa’s Car.”

epik high poster 4

epik high poster 3

epik high poster 2

The concert will be held on December 11 and 12 at Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall.

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