Convenience Stores in Korea Bring Out Various Pepero Box Designs Ahead of Pepero Day

Pepero Day (November 11) is approaching and many stores are already putting out their cleverly designed Pepero boxes.

Convenience stores in Korea, including Seven Eleven, CU, and GS25, have released some eye-catching Pepero products to give their loved ones on November 11.

Seven Eleven has the Avengers Pepero, which may lure many Marvel fans.

There’s also ones directed towards college entrance exam takers, since the day after Pepero Day, November 12, is the National College Entrance Exam Day in Korea.

pepero day2

CU has a “pop-art” theme so many of its Pepero boxes have pop-art designs on them.

pepero day 3

GS25 is doing something charitable and will be donating all the profits made by this Pepero box below to the Child Leukemia Association.

pepero day 4

GS25 stated, “We prepared this product so that the ones receiving these drawings [that the kids in the Child Leukemia Association have made] will think of those that are suffering and hopefully spread the donation culture a bit more.”

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