f(x)’s Krystal Fangirls Over Her Favorite Actress

f(x)‘s Krystal was just as starstruck as any other fangirl when she met her favorite actress Léa Seydoux.

On the November 3 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Old School,” f(x) members Krystal and Amber made a guest appearance to discuss their latest comeback with “4 Walls” after a year and three months.

On the show, Krystal shared how she once met French film star Léa Seydoux during her trip to France. “I unexpectedly ran into her at a department store in France. She is one of my favorite actresses. I didn’t have the courage to ask for a photo, and I just started blushing and asked my mom, ‘What should I do?'”

“In the end, we took a selfie together. My heart was pounding like crazy,” she laughed.

Meanwhile, f(x) is currently promoting their title track “4 Walls” on weekly music shows.

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