YG Entertainment Drops Mysterious Teaser

Update November 9 KST:

YG has updated their teaser, revealing that their next artist will be out at 21:00 (9:oo p.m.) on November 21. With the number “21” repeated in the teaser, many are guessing that 2NE1 is up next for a comeback.

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We have all seen the words “Who’s Next?” before, and we all know something big’s coming up.

YG Entertainment dropped a mysterious teaser photo on November 4 at midnight KST, telling fans to get ready for November 21.

Although we cannot know for sure, the teaser seems to refer to the release date of WINNER‘s long-awaited new album, which was reported around two weeks ago and previously teased by Yang Hyun Suk. They have reportedly wrapped up the music video production and have chosen to promote double title tracks.

Meanwhile, PSY announced earlier today that he will be returning with a new album on December 1, while iKON is expected to release two new tracks on November 16, followed by a full album on December 14. It looks like the next two months will be filled with YG comebacks!

Do you think it’s time for WINNER to slay?

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