This Is How iKON’s Koo Junhoe Responds When He Is Called Sexy

Idol group iKON’s Koo Junhoe talks about wanting to exude sexy charisma.

On November 3, iKON aired “iKON Welcome Back: 5th Game” via Naver’s V-app. iKON members Song Yunhyeong and Kim Jinhwan emceed the program.

Before starting the ping pong game match with B.I., Koo Junhoe read a comment by a fan asking why he’s not wearing shorts.

Koo Junhoe replied, “How can I wear shorts in this weather? I’d die. I want to look as sexy as possible. But if I do that, my veins would burst open.”

When other members teased him saying, “Aren’t you the sexy boy?,” Koo Junhoe played it off by posing in front of the camera making sexy facial expressions.

goo junhoe

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