7 K-Pop Girl Groups That Deserve More Popularity

As mentioned previously on underrated boy groups, being an idol is hard work and the competition is so fierce that groups need to try their best to stand out among their peers. New groups are debuting everyday and it’s a struggle to win over the hearts of K-pop fans that already have favorites among the plethora of other groups.

Often, it’s not even necessarily a matter of lack of talent or potential. Sometimes, it’s simply about getting a break. Look at EXID, a very talented group who struggled since their 2012 debut to find success with their 2014 single, “Up & Down,” which ended up shooting to popularity via a single fan-cam that happened to go viral.

So, what other great girl groups are out there under the radar, working long days and nights for a much-deserved big break?


This seven-member girl group (made up of Wooju, Jinju, Nari, Nada, Jiae, Sujin, and Dain) debuted under Mafia Records in October of 2013 with their single “Wa$$up.” Despite being met with some criticism for their initial concept, they managed to garner a steady following worldwide with many being from Brazil. They followed up with the fun EP “Nom Nom Nom,” which included fan favorite “Galaxy.” They’ve proved to be versatile with their latest release, “Shut Up U,” and the accompanying mini album “Showtime.” Since then the group has been on hiatus, but the members have taken to social media to update fans on their activities. Here’s hoping their agency announces a comeback soon!


Hyeyeon, Dahye, Uji, and Haeryung debuted under YNB Entertainment in July 2013 with “Pit-a-Pat” and have continued to release songs that showcase their talents and versatility, their latest being “Excuse Me” from the mini album “Love Emotion.”

Members have also branched out into other areas of entertainment: Haeyrung was recently in a web drama with actor Lee Joo Seung, while Dahye appeared on “Her Secret Weapon,” an MBC Every1 reality show that focuses on lesser-known girl groups. Given the girls’ vocal talent and solid discography, fans have been waiting for the moment BESTie finally gets the recognition they deserve.


Crescendo Music‘s new vocal trio consisting of Geonhee, Eunyong, and Wooyoung debuted in October 2014 with the digital single “1,2,3” that gained them a small, but loyal fanbase. Since then the girls have performed not only in Korea, but in other countries such as China, and most recently, Philippines. Leader Geonhee has tried her hand at acting by taking up small roles in dramas like “High Society,” while fans are waiting for maknae Wooyoung make her own appearance on a show like “King of Mask Singer.” Their latest track, “A Bad Thing,” showcases their powerful vocals. When will they finally be recognized? Hopefully soon; this is too much talent to waste.


This eight-member girl group has been on the scene since 2010 and has released consistently good songs such as “Dolls” and the recent summer hit “Hurt Locker.” Their current lineup includes KyungriHyuna, Euaerin, Sungah, Hyemi, Minha, Sojin and Keumjo. Despite releasing good quality songs, the group has yet to really have a hit that can propel their popularity. Still, they manage to stay busy with things like Star Empire’s project unit Nasty Nasty, which released “Knock Knock” last year. I think fans can all agree their time to really get recognition is now.


This sexy group originally debuted back in April of 2011 with the Teddy Riley produced track “Dr. Feel Good.” At the time, however, the concept was considered too provocative and the group was forced to change their choreography and make adjustments to their outfits.

The group made several comebacks over the course of a year with “Masquerade” and “Killer,” but this also came with some member changes. After the release of “Just Go” in 2013, the group would not make an official comeback for another two years following some legal issues among other things. Fans were surprised when DR Music announced an official comeback for the group and that three new members, Hyeme, Alex, and Seulji, would be joining T-ae, Di, and Xia. Are you excited for RaNia’s comeback?


Notorious for their powerful vocals, SPICA is a group that should be more popular, but isn’t. With songs such as “Russian Roulette” and “You Don’t Love Me,” it’s a wonder why they have yet to have a song that’s a hit. Consisting of members Boa, Sihyun, Narae, Jiwon, and Bohyung, they have proven to be multi-talented ladies, with Boa and Bohyung assisting in the writing of some of the group’s songs. The group’s official unit, SpicaS, released the single “Give Your Love” last year and then followed with a full group comeback with “Ghost,” even trying their hand with an English release with “I Did It.” SPICA has proven time and time again they have the talents to make it, so what’s standing in their way?

Dal Shabet

If you look at their achievements, this group (Subin, Serri, Ah Young, Ka Eun, Jiyul, Woohee) seems to have done pretty well for themselves; their songs such as “Supa Dupa Diva” and “Hit U” have all done well digitally, so why include them in an underrated list? It seems even with their success, they’re in sort of a grey area since they have less popularity than some of their peers who debuted that same year. They have proved to be pretty versatile with their concepts for “Be Ambitious” and “B.B.B.” Even member Subin has participated in the songwriting process with “Joker,” which was their most recent release. Dal Shabet is a group to look out for and you will rarely be disappointed in anything they release. Here’s to them gaining more public recognition in the near future!

Narrowing down a potentially huge list of underrated groups to just seven was hard and it took hours figuring out who should be in this article. Yes, it was that hard. So many groups; so little space. With the number of girl groups out there, who do you feel should have been on this list? What groups do you feel are underrated and deserve more recognition?

How does this article make you feel?