Dongho Wants All the Negativity Regarding His Marriage to Stop

U-KISS‘s former member Dongho continues to refute to negative comments regarding his marriage news.

On November 4, Dongho posted on his Twitter, saying:

“I want to clarify something. I originally had no plans of making my marriage public nor did I want it to make it to the news. The reporters heard rumors and contacted me saying they wanted to write articles about it. Reporters would hide out and suddenly shove a camera at my face without me knowing, but that’s okay. But please don’t write articles that start false rumors about me. Please write good articles. I understand that people are curious about me and my wife but… I didn’t want to make [my marriage] public and if people bash me about it then I feel pretty offended ^^”

dongho twitter

Ever since the announcement of his marriage, the star seems to be surrounded with various rumors about the reason behind it. What are your thoughts on this?

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