Brown Eyed Girls Have Poured Their Heart and Soul into Their Comeback After 2-Year Hiatus

UPDATE: Music Video for “Warm Hole” Released

Brown Eyed Girls has released their music video for comeback title track “Brave New World.”

On November 4, Brown Eyed Girlshad a music talk event in celebration of their upcoming full-length album “Basic.” During the event, the members revealed how each of them participated in perfecting their comeback.

Jea explained that she wrote the songs “Light” and “Fractal” included in the album. She said, “I used to only write one song but I was a bit greedy and wrote two this time.”

brown eyed girls 2

Ga In revealed that she actually participated in making the choreography for their song “Wormhole,” along with brainstorming their comeback concept and performance ideas. She added, “The other members like it so [this album] means a lot to me.”

Miryo wrote the lyrics for her raps herself and Narsha participated in styling the group’s outfits despite being busy with her drama filming.

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls’ sixth full-length album “Basic” will be released online on November 5 and offline on November 10.

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