Oh My Girl’s Binnie Sheds Tears At the Thought of Her Father Back Home

Oh My Girl‘s Binnie cried thinking about her father back home.

On the November 4 broadcast of “Weekly Idol,” Oh My Girl came as a guest for the first time on the show.

During one part of the show, Oh My Girl’s Binnie starts tearing up when she sings a cheering song for her dad. She starts off being very cute but ends up in tears.

binnie 2

Seeing her cry, the MCs ask what’s wrong. She replies with, “I miss my dad.”


MC Defconn asks if Binnie is usually full of aegyo towards her dad and she replies, “Yes.”

Binnie continues to explain, “My hometown is Chuncheon, Kangwon-do. I can’t visit very often.”

Defconn asks, “When is the last time you visited home?” and Binnie says, “About a month ago, during Chuseok,” which surprises the MCs.

Check out the clip.

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