JTBC Will Take Firm Action Against Plagiarized Version of “Hidden Singer” in China

JTBC are not happy that China’s Dragon Television plagiarized their popular show “Hidden Singer.”

On November 4, a JTBC representative told news outlet OSEN, “We’re sorry to hear the news. We’ve already signed a contract with a different Chinese broadcasting channel regarding publications rights.”

“We are currently preparing our response plan and will take action as soon as possible,” the representative added.

Sina.net accused Dragon Television’s “Hidden Singer (translated into Chinese),” of plagiarizing JTBC’s “Hidden Singer” on November 3. According tot their report, the marketing manager of Dragon Television claims the program to be an original, and there would be no disputes with JTBC regarding publications rights.

The Dragon Television insider also said it was difficult to prove they violated title rights because “Hidden Singer (translated into Chinese” does not have an English title, while “Hidden Singer” does not have a Chinese title. He also claimed “Hidden Singer “emphasizes on entertainment and competition, while “Hidden Singer (translated into Chinese) focuses on memories, communication between the viewers and the singer, and conversations about the song. There is also no set MC and only a “scouting” system.

However, netizens have proved the shows are surprisingly similar from the stage set to video edits and organization. JTBC will most likely take firm action because they have already sold the format of the show to a Chinese contents company.

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