Korean-American Actress Amy Fights Against Deportation Order After Drug Use Controversy

Television personality, Amy, has expressed her frustration with the order of her deportation from Korea.

On November 4, at the Seoul High Court concerning the retraction of her deportation order, Amy stated, “I am not white or black, and all of my family lives in Korea. I have not hurt others so forcing me to live in a foreign country is a very difficult action for me.”

On September of 2014, Amy was found guilty for abusing the psychotropic drug, Zolpidem, and was fined five million won (approximately $4,600). In 2012, she received a suspended prison sentence for abusing Propofol.

After her fine was confirmed, the Seoul Immigration Office gave a deportation order to Amy, a U.S. citizen, earlier this year. According to the Immigration Act, if a prisoner receives a prison sentence or higher, he or she can be forced to leave the country when released.

Amy appealed the order by saying that “The deportation order is too harsh.” At the trial, it has been said that “Amy is in very bad condition and has even had suicidal thoughts. Due to the media, both her body and mind are a mess. She is currently receiving medical treatment and is requesting to be allowed to stay in Korea with the people she loves, her family.”

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