Watch: Kasper Talks About the Korean Survival Show Fad

On November 2, a video was uploaded on the WISHTrendTV channel on YouTube in which Kasper talks about Korean television, specifically Korean survival and competition programs. The video, called the ‘K-Pop 101’ segment, shows Kasper sitting down and casually explaining shows such as “Unpretty Rapstar,” “Show Me the Money,” “I Am a Singer,” and “Superstar K.”

She explains the beginning of the trend of survival programs as well as how the trend grew over time. She also talks about the before and after transformations of normal, everyday people becoming mega superstars. Unsurprisingly, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, Seo In Guk, and Huh Gak are some of the many stars mentioned by Kasper. She also touches on the bad aspects of show programs such as the infamous “devil’s editing” and explains her personal thoughts about it.

Kasper is a rapper of Play the Siren, a Korean co-ed hip hop group that debuted in 2014. She seems very knowledgeable about Korean television shows and provides an interesting point of view of the survival show fad in Korea.

Check it out yourself below!