“Reply 1988” Producer Says “Mystery Husband” Theme Will Return

Reply 1988” producer Shin Won Ho has spilled a little secret for the series fans.

On November 5, a press conference for the upcoming drama “Reply 1988” was held, where the producer revealed that there will be another “finding husband” theme for this spin-off, too.

Producer Shin Won Ho explained, “It was already decided upon when we revealed we will be making ‘Reply 1988.’ We also asked people who auditioned for the roles about the mystery husband theme.”

He continued, “I saw an article where it said there won’t be a mysterious husband theme, so I told the reporter that it then excludes romance. The idea of a first love cannot be excluded when dealing with a past-time drama. There will also be a family theme, of course.”

Meanwhile, “Reply 1988” is a spin-off from the “Reply” series and will center around five families living in Seoul.

It will air its first episode on November 6 at 7:50 p.m. and continue airing every Friday and Saturday.

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