Kyuhyun’s Cover of Song Mino’s “Fear” With Big Bing’s Kyuhyun Will Give You Life

Last night, fans at Kyuhyun‘s solo concert “Fall Once Again” were treated to a surprise when legendary rapper Song Minkyu made an appearance performing a cover of Song Mino‘s “Fear.” Big Bing’s Kyuhyun featured via video.

Both Song Minkyu and Big Bing’s Kyuhyun were imitations done by Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun himself.  The solo singer parodied the show “Show Me the Money 4” during his solo concert with a corner titled “Give Me the Money 4.” Prior to the performance, a brief video played introducing both Song Minkyu and Big Bing’s Kyuhyun.

Due to strict filming restrictions during the concert, no video yet exists of the performance, but you can listen to the audio of Kyuhyun’s performance and watch the original below.

How do you think Kyuhyun’s version compares to the original?