Seo Shin Ae Gets Accepted Into Sungkyunkwan University

“High Kick Through the Roof” star Seo Shin Ae has been accepted into Sungkyunkwan University — one of the most prestigious universities in Korea — at the young age of 18 (Korean age).

According to media outlet DongA, the former child actress is included in the list of admitted candidates for the Department of Acting at Sungkyunkwan University. She would enroll in the university next spring.

Many have been impressed by how fast she has advanced in her studies: the actress was born in October 1998, while most other applicants were born in 1997. It turns out that Seo Shin Ae has been homeschooled since graduating middle school, which has enabled her to catch up with high school seniors faster than others her age.

Her agency SidusHQ commented, “It is true that she got accepted into Sungkyunkwan University. It must have been difficult to balance acting and school, but we are glad that she achieved good results.”

The representatives added that she has yet to decide on whether to enroll next year or not. “She has always been wise and passionate, so she will probably take some time to think about her career and future before making the final decision.”


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