Kim Woo Bin Pays a Surprise Visit to a Hardworking Girl Who Appeared on “Same Bed Different Dreams”

Actor Kim Woo Bin has visited a girl who has appeared on the show “Same Bed Different Dreams,” whose heartbreaking story left many viewers in tears.

On the November 6 episode of “Same Bed Different Dreams,” a 17-year-old girl named Park Soo Ah appeared on the show. This young girl was revealed to have had multiple part-time jobs just to pay off her mother’s debt.

Kim Woo Bin heard this story, too, and invited Park Soo Ah to an event in Jeju Island when he went, saying, “There was someone I really wanted to meet when I visited Jeju Island.”

kim woo bin2

The actor was very kind and had a lot of encouraging words to tell Soo Ah.

He told her, “Don’t bombard yourself with work all the time and attend school well. You have to be healthy, always.”

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