IU Personally Apologizes About the Controversy Regarding Her Song “Zeze”

Singer IU has written an explanation regarding her controversy over her song “Zeze.”

This song has made many people do a double take of IU with her possibly sexual interpretation of “Zeze” who is the five-year-old boy and the main character of the novel “My Sweet Orange Tree.”

It has angered the publisher of this novel, as well as others who claim that IU may be particularly attracted to children.

On November 6, IU wrote on her official SNS account, addressing this issue. She stated:

“I swear I did not write the lyrics sexualizing a five-year-old boy. The Zeze you sense in the lyrics is just a third party that emphasize the motif of the novel. However, I came to know that a lot of people heard my song and were offended and scarred by my lyrics. This is my fault as an amateur songwriter.”

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