Secret’s Jung Hana Cleverly Responds to an Anti-Fan’s Comment

Girl group Secret’s Jung Hana cleverly responds to an anti-fan’s comment on her Instagram.

On October 28, Jung Hana posted on her Instagram a photo and a comment saying, “Our Jieun is cast in a daily drama in a leading role. Please cheer her on.” The picture she posted is of Song Jieun who landed the main role in KBS 1TV’s daily drama “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey.”

However, a netizen posted a provocative comment saying, “Honestly, aren’t you jealous?”

Jung Hana could’ve totally ignored the comment, but she chose to respond sensibly saying, “Jieun’s success leads to my success. Her success means good things for Secret as a group. Jealous? We all have our own timing.”

The fans who read Jung Hana’s clever response cheered her on and showed their support.

Take a look at the snapshot of Jung Hana’s Instagram page here.

jung hana-instagram

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