Jessi’s Agency Responds to Reports of Her Assaulting Her Manager

In the midst of reports that say rapper Jessi assaulted her manager, her agency spoke out about the allegations.

A representative from YMC Entertainment spoke with a news outlet on November 7 and made their stance very clear and commented, “That’s nonsense. I want to clearly say it’s not true.”

Recently, it was reported that a female rapper with a “tough sista” image assaulted her manager. With such a specific description including “tough sista” and a rapper who came out of an “audition program,” netizens started stirring up speculations wondering if the report is talking about Jessi.

The agency representative commented, “We came across the report and we knew there were rumors going around saying it might be referring to Jessi. But I want to make it clear that it’s not true. Her manager is currently working very hard. Both of them will be going to scheduled programs today.”

He added, “Hearing about the false report upset Jessi very much. She’s working hard and feels it’s unfair.”

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