Signed Petition Circulates Against IU About “Zeze” Controversy

On November 6, a netizen uploaded a signed petition against IU on a portal site. The goal for the petition is 100,000 signatures and the subject material concerns the recent controversy around IU’s song “Zeze.”

“IU has crossed a line by using lolita themes in her song ‘Zeze,’” the petition reads. It goes on to assert that the controversy started over the album artwork for “Chat-shire,” and that if IU had really meant to sing from a third-party perspective (not as the five-year-old Zeze), he would not have been drawn on the artwork as he was.

“You were well-intentioned but as a result of the artwork, the Zeze in the song closely resembles the five-year-old character in the book,” the petition continues. “The drawing of young Zeze in fishnet stockings in a pinup pose has pedophilic themes.”

“I know you understand that for children to be seen as sexual objects is very dangerous,” it concludes. “Since you are an influential singer in the public eye and the producer for ‘Chat-shire,’ I ask that you remove certain scenes from your music video related to ‘Zeze’ and take down the song.”

Within 16 hours of the post, 13,000 people had signed the petition.

Earlier, IU had spoken out about the controversy. “I am deeply sorry to the people who were hurt by my lyrics. I used the word “sexy” in a sentence that mentioned children and the misunderstanding was due to my own carelessness. I was too eager because this was the first album I produced and now I see that I made many mistakes. I apologize once again to the people who were hurt and disappointed by me, and I will work harder to become a more mature IU.”

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