Hyelim and Park Jimin Show Us How Close JYP Artists Are

Wonder Girls’ member Hyelim and Park Jimin of 15& showed off their close friendship recently with a cheeky kiss. 

The two of them recently recorded a video for the upcoming program “K-pop Star 5,” greeting their fans with a smile. The video was published on SBS‘ official Facebook page.

When asked to name some of JYP Entertainment’s strong points, the two of them answer without hesitating. “JYP artists are all friendly with each other,” Park Jimin says. To prove her point, Hyelim gives her a quick peck on the cheek. 

park jimin hyelim

“Because he’s still promoting as a singer, he understands our situation best,” Park Jimin also says about the company’s producer and president, Park Jin Young. “He treats us comfortably like friends and treats us to nice food. There are a lot of company dinners,” Hyelim adds. 

Park Jimin asks the camera, “Don’t you want to come to JYP?” before joking, “But I think I gained weight due to all the company dinners.” 

Hyelim and Park Jimin will guest judge on “K-pop Star 5,” which is scheduled to begin broadcasting on November 22. 

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