Lee Tae Im Parodies Her Own Cursing Controversy on “SNL Korea 6”

Lee Tae Im addressed her cursing controversy by dissing herself on “SNL Korea 6.”

On the November 7 broadcast of tvN’s “SNL Korea 6,” actress Lee Tae Im appears as the host.

During the “Antarctic Journal” skit, Lee Tae Im joins comedians Yoo Se Yoon, Ahn Young Mi, and Kim Joon Hyun, who are acting as if in distress in the middle of Antarctica.

Lee Tae Im on SNL

During the skit, Lee Tae Im says, “It is so cold. It is really cold.” Yoo Se Yoon puts a blanket around and responds, “Are you cold? You can’t be cold.”

He continues, “Please make sure she is not cold. Everyone, give your blankets to Lee Tae Im! Make sure she is not cold!”

Ahn Young Mi then asks comedian Jeong Yi Rang, who had just returned from a trip into the storm to find help, “Unni, are you cold?” Jeong Yi Rang responds, “Yes, it’s cold. You try it. What? You don’t want to but you like seeing me do it?” Ahn Young Mi then responds informally, “No, no.”

Previously, Lee Tae Im was part of a huge controversy that arose during MBC’s “Tutoring Across Generations,” when she angrily swore at Yewon for speaking to her informally. The conversation between Ahn Young Mi and Jeong Yi Rang in the sketch closely resembles the one that took place between Lee Tae Im and Yewon.

During the skit, Lee Tae Im held back Jeong Yi Rang, who was ready to hit Ahn Young Mi, and blocked the comedian’s mouth with her hand. She said to her, “Don’t curse, unni! You will really regret it later if you do.”

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