Lee Tae Im Apologizes to Yewon on “SNL Korea” for Past Scandal

Lee Tae Im brought up Yewon on air after a long period of silence.

On the episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea” aired on November 7, Lee Tae Im appears as the host of the show.

The actress pokes fun at the scandal between her and Yewon with a parody, during the corner “Project B.”

After the skit, Lee Tae Im steps on stage to face the crowd. When asked, “Do you read comments on articles,” she says, “I sometimes do when an article pops up. Most of the time, they try to decide ‘who was right’ and ‘who was wrong.’”

“It was 100 percent my fault. I want to pass on my deepest regrets to Yewon, who is probably still negatively affected by the scandal,” says Lee Tae Im.

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