Hwang Jung Eum Shares Photos From Final Days of Filming “She Was Pretty”

Hwang Jung Eum has thanked the viewers for loving “She Was Pretty” and her character Kim Hye Jin ahead of the drama finale.

On November 8, the actress wrote a heartfelt message on her official Facebook, reflecting on the past two months that she has spent filming on the set. She also shared a couple of photos taken at the MOST offices where Kim Hye Jin worked, laughed, and spent time with her colleagues.

“This is the desk at MOST editorial team’s office that was nearly as precious to Hye Jin as her employee ID card. The place where the onion couple was born. Hye Jin worked hard at this place as she translated documents, collected data, organized files, and gathered photos. Everyone, are your passion-filled desks doing okay?”

She tagged the post #KimHyeJin, #SheWasPretty, and #MOST. Through tags, she also thanked viewers for the immense love that the drama has received, and revealed that they are in the midst of their last filming. Can you believe it’s already time to bid the characters goodbye?

Meanwhile, “She Was Pretty” is set to air its final episode on November 11.

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