Kim Sa Eun Is Gathering Evidence Against Malicious Commenters

Musical actress Kim Sa Eun is currently collecting evidence against malicious commenters.

Recently, the actress performed with her husband, Super Junior‘s Sungmin, and his fellow member Shindong at an autumn concert hosted by the military band. She shared a photo of this peformance to her Facebook and Instagram accounts; however, she has been the subject of many hateful comments because of it.

One Instagram user accused her of blocking all comments written in Korean, to which the actress replied, “No, you’ve got it wrong. I’m not blocking users for comments written in Korean. Rather, it’s that because personal attacks and malicious comments are really upsetting and psychologically damaging, I’m currently monitoring [my social media accounts]. In the case of any malicious comments that are extremely severe, I’m saving them to a PDF file. Please don’t misunderstand.”

It is still unclear whether or not Kim Sa Eun intends to pursue legal action with the evidence she is collecting.

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