Seolhyun Discusses Her Figure and Hateful Comments With High Cut

AOA’s Seolhyun’s natural beauty shines in her recent photo shoot.

On November 5, Seolhyun’s fashion pictorial for star style magazine, High Cut, was revealed.

Seolhyun Seolhyun

In this photo shoot, Seolhyun sports winter fashion denim jeans, jumper coat, and turtleneck knits. Her beautiful gaze in the photos as well as her slightly revealed fit body perfectly brought out her sexy charms.

In an interview after the photo shoot, Seolhyun talked about her image and said, “I am working hard to show my fans various sides of me. I change a lot. Sometimes I look very pretty and other times, I look ugly.”

Although famous for her great body figure, Seolhyun is surprisingly well known to be a big eater. After her debut, she had a very difficult time with her dieting. She said, “In the past, I was very stressed out because of my butt and thighs. I wanted to be super skinny. Then, people began to accept my figure as it is and complimented me a lot. I think the standards for having a “nice” body has changed.”

Seolhyun has received much popularity in the past year. With fame, however, comes a lot of hate as well. Concerning this, Seolhyun said, “Recently, there have been a lot of hateful comments. I am the type of the person that reads all of the comments said about me. Due to this, I have become a more careful person.” She carefully revealed, “Little by little, my confidence goes down.”

Seolhyun’s pictorial can be seen on the 161st volume of High Cut, which was revealed on November 5. The Digital High Cut will be revealed on November 10 through their app, in which the video of Seolhyun’s shoot can be seen.

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