Shinhwa’s Dongwan Shows Off His Inner Cat Whisperer

Shinhwa member Dongwan is apparently also a cat person!

A staff member for the variety show “I Live Alone” recently posted a photo of Dongwan to their Instagram, writing, “I don’t usually take photos while I’m filming but on that day, at that moment, that person was so warm and kind, I took the photo without realizing I was.”

The photo shows Dongwan crouching in front of a stray cat and filming it on his own camera. Remarkably, the cat in the photo doesn’t look perturbed by Dongwan’s presence at all, sitting calmly where many other stray cats would have fled.

“I Live Alone” staff members and netizens alike were moved by this touching moment between Dongwan and the cat. Dongwan is already well-known for his love of animals; his relationship with his dog, Goguma, is one of the highlights of “I Live Alone.”

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