Korean-American Actress Amy Once Again Under Suspicion of Prescription Drug Abuse

Television personality and Korean-American actress Amy (real name Lee Yoon Ji) is once again being investigated for further Zolpidem abuse.

Amy has an extensive history of abusing prescription medication. In September 2012, she was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years on probation for abusing Propofol, though she was released after just 49 days. In June of 2014, she was indicted with 15 counts of drug violations and was fined 5 million won (approximately $4,600). Due to those charges, she received a deportation order back in April of this year, which she is currently appealing.

However, the Seoul Gangnam police subpoenaed Amy to appear before the courts again on November 9 for receiving 20 pills of Zolpidem through a delivery business, named only as Company K, earlier this year. Additionally, the founder of Company K, surnamed Go, was charged with selling Amy as many as 651 Zolpidem tablets.

According to the police, Amy received the pills through the delivery company’s workers all over the city. The official report states that she received prescription medication through this delivery service, which Amy vehemently denies.

The case is still currently under investigation.

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