Korean-American Actress Amy Adamantly Denies Prescription Drug Abuse

Entertainer Amy speaks out about her feelings toward the recent suspicion she has received concerning prescription drug abuse.

On November 9, Amy spoke with a media outlet commenting, “The suspicion for Zolpidem abuse is so unfair. I’m appalled. It’s been prescribed by my doctor for my depression. The rumor that it’s been obtained illegally is nonsense. Because of various incidents I was involved in before, I was depressed and afraid of what other people thought. So, I did get some food and other household goods through delivery services. But the accusation that I got Zolpidem delivered to my home is outrageous.” Amy added, “When I need to take some for my depression, I go see my doctor personally and get his prescription.”

Amy went on to say, “It is true that I did get investigated by the police for my possible involvement, but I turned over all the medical records and materials to prove that I did not do anything wrong. I’ll cooperate with the police to clear my name going forward. Also, I’ll take legal action against any entities who are spreading false rumors about this.”

Another media outlet reported, “Earlier this year, Seoul Gangnam Police subpoenaed Amy to appear before the courts for receiving 20 Zolpidem pills through a major delivery service company. Amy adamantly denies the charges by the police and insists she merely received medications she was prescribed by her doctor.”

The case is still ongoing.

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