Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: October 26–November 1

Our current crop of K-drama characters have been stepping up to the plate. Even the seemingly hopeless ones have redeemed themselves through their actions, underscoring their sense of morality and justice.

1. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 8): Not Backing Down

By now, everyone knows about the relationship between So Yoon and Hye Jin, and being the sister of an adulteress has earned So Yoon the contempt of the entire town.

At school, she’s being pushed out of her job and the students openly sneer at her, but So Yoon is not cowed. When three girls callously remark that Hye Jin deserved her death for seducing a married man, So Yoon confronts them. The students are dismissive, but So Yoon forces them to listen, telling them that no matter who or what the person has done, no one deserves that kind of death, and they have no right to judge it. You tell them, So Yoon!

So Yoon is our kind of heroine. She is dogged and tenacious, and she’ll need all that fire when she faces bigger threats as she closes in on the truth surrounding Hye Jin’s death.

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2. “She Was Pretty” (Episode 13): It’s Better Now

Sung Joon and Hye Jin have gone to the park for an impromptu picnic. Later, they enjoy the view of the lake, with Hye Jin taking pictures. Actually, he gazes mostly at her. She holds his hand, telling him not to run so hard because he’s almost there. Before she finishes her next thought, Hye Jin sneezes from the cold, and cue Sung Joon’s heart-melting move: He wraps her in his coat, effectively embracing her. He asks her, “Is it better now?” Ugh, heck yeah! The best part comes when he tells her his intentions: He’ll propose to her after saving Most and making it successful. She gives him a boost of encouragement, wishing for his success, and at that, Sung Joon kisses her! 

3. “D-Day” (Episode 14): Not Corrupt Enough

Director Park Gun is a zealot about power, and he will compromise the life of his own relative for it.

When Doctor Gun’s brother-in-law, the hospital president, has been sent to Mirae Hospital for an emergency operation, he orders Doctor Woo Jin to perform a fake surgery. After all, with his brother-in-law gone, Gun will become Mirae Hospital’s new president and Woo Jin the director.

The ambitious Doctor Woo Jin has always frustrated us for subscribing to the Director’s guidance, but for the first time, he is rattled by the older man’s depravity. In the operating room, he struggles with his conscience. Will he really carry out Director Gun’s order? Is he a doctor or a killer?

He saves us from punching our screens, as Woo Jin fights for the patient’s life, enlisting Doctor Hae Sung and his team to help with the emergency surgery. Yes! Director Gun will confront him later, but as Woo Jin tells him, he studied medicine to save lives. He’s not corrupt enough to sacrifice them for his ambitions.

4. “Sassy Go Go” (Episode 8): The Other Hero

Soo Ah is afraid that her secret about stealing the midterms and framing Yeol for it would get out. She suspects Yeon Doo of sending her blackmail threats to reveal the truth, so, when the opportunity presents itself, she leaves Yeon Doo stranded in the middle of nowhere, getting the driver who took them out on an errand to leave.

Although it is Yeol who notices that Yeon Doo is missing, it is Ha Joon who finds the teary-eyed Yeon Doo and wraps her in a warm hug.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re rooting for the OTP, but we love Ha Joon, too. This scene is dousing us with the feels!

5. “Six Flying Dragons” (Episode 8): Doing It for Him

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Bang Won’s father has no interest in Jung Do Jeon’s plans. Nevertheless, Bang Won is determined for his father to join an alliance with Do Jeon. He forges his father’s signature, stamping his seal on the An Byeon book. He then delivers it to one of Do Jeon’s followers, creating an illusion of compliance, and this sets the plan to create a new nation in motion.

It’s a jaw-dropping moment, speaking volumes about Bang Won’s feelings for his father. Yes, his father seems weak, but Bang Won also believes his pop would be a great king, the kind a nation deserves.

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6. “Bubblegum” (Episode 1): Tell Me More 

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah are the best of friends, but is that all they are to each other?

During a radio program, Haeng Ah and her crew try to save a girl’s life who’s set on committing suicide. They try to talk her out of it by sharing their own troubles, and it’s at this time when Haeng Ah reveals that she celebrated her birthday alone the day before because she and her boyfriend have just broken up. The girl is eventually rescued as Haeng Ah and the DJ keep her on the phone long enough for emergency responders to show up. Meanwhile, after a concerned Ri Hwan learns about Haeng Ah’s break-up, he checks up on her at her place. After the two have a funny incident regarding her unmentionables and a mild scuffle over her phone, Haeng Ah confirms that it was Suk Joon with whom she broke up. Ri Hwan presses for the reasons, and a frustrated Haeng Ah confesses she was lonely and didn’t want to be alone. Ri Hwan continues to challenge her until she explains more behind her actions, but ultimately, Suk Joon isn’t at fault because she gave more than she received in the relationship. 

Although Ri Hwan cares to the point of suffocation, if we were Haeng Ah, we’d feel very blessed to have him on our side. Of course, such concern means there is more to their relationship, but can they really be more?

7. “All About My Mom” (Episode 23): They Have Him Covered


Hyung Soon has spent the night at Chae Ri’s home, and the next morning, everyone in the Lee household wakes up wondering where he is. Mom San Ok is particularly worked up, and although she picks up on what they’re doing, Dad Dong Chool and Hoo Jae do their best to cover for Hyung Soon, making excuses for his absence. And when each has the chance to be alone, a concerned Hoo Jae and Dong Chool send Hyung Soon individual text messages, warning him about San Ok. LOL.

It’s great to see the bromance on this show, even between father and son. Dong Chool may have made countless bad choices in his life, but to Hyung Soon, he has been the best father and friend with a reliable shoulder to lean on. And while Hoo Jae is just a lodger and a bunkmate, we love that he’s become like a real brother to Hyung Soon.

8. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 8): It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone’s Gotta Do It


Even as Woo Jae persists with his investigation into Hye Jin’s death, Achiara is still beset with other problems, like the case of an elderly woman and her reclusive grandson. It’s Woo Jae who deals with this latest case, and he learns from the grandmother that her tenant has confined himself in his room for over half a year and yet, continues to mooch food.

Woo Jae breaks into the room and scuffles with the grandson, who turns out to be an addicted gamer. Woo Jae subdues him, that is, up until they get outside. The grandson tries to get away, and soon, both are wrestling on the ground when Grandma hoses them with water. LOL. Poor Woo Jae, who’s been called in for a bathing service. At least answering this citizen’s report isn’t completely pointless, as the gamer has hacking skills and helps Woo Jae obtain information for Hye Jin’s case.

That’s all for this list! Thanks for joining us, and let’s do it again next time!

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