5tion Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Former Agency CEO

Four-member male group 5tion has filed a lawsuit against the CEO of their former Japanese agency, claiming sexual harassment and dissemination of pornographic material.

The group spoke up about their situation on November 10 through an official statement, revealing that the legal process began on November 2 when they filed a lawsuit at Gangnam Police Station. The members are also filing a civil lawsuit against the former CEO, “Mrs. Hong,” for nonpayment of wages (more than 100 million won) over the past two years.

According to 5tion’s representatives, the members were psychologically and physically abused by their former CEO after signing an exclusive two-year contract with Japanese company Yewon Entertainment in 2013. 5tion’s side also claims that the former CEO forced them to work, as well as consistently sent them unwanted pornographic content, such as explicit videos, photos, and messages, through an instant messaging app.

As a consequence of the continuous abuse and sexual harassment, the members have experienced drastic hair loss, gastritis, and insomnia, among other physical and mental pain.

The CEO had also abused her authority to touch the members without their consent, tell them dirty jokes, and to pay late-night visits to the members’ dorm to drink alcohol with them.

But the members of 5tion had no choice but to endure such disturbing behavior, their side claims. When the members had six months left on their contracts, they were pressured to sign contract extension while being told that otherwise they would not be financially compensated for their work. Additionally, the CEO threatened to sue them for breach of contract and block all of their future activities in Japan, if they were to not show up for scheduled concerts.

The members are also hoping to acquire legal rights to their music, as stipulated in the contract, and resolve issues related to copyright infringement through the lawsuit.

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