Lee Tae Im Injured in a Car Accident While Heading to Drama Filming Site

Actress Lee Tae Im has been involved in a car accident recently and has been sent to the hospital.

According to affiliates of the actress’s upcoming drama “You’ll Love Me,” Lee Tae Im was on her way to the drama filming site when she suddenly got into a car crash and was sent to the emergency room.

As of now, Lee Tae Im has injured her forehead and face and is being treated in a hospital in Yongsan, while her stylist has been also been hurt badly and is being treated together.

As for the progress of the drama, an affiliate explained, “We think this will cause a problem since Lee Tae Im is the main character and this is not a pre-recorded drama. All the staff members are worried about her, and her well-being comes first before anything else.”

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