Park Seo Joon Throws a Party With “She Was Pretty” Fans for Pictorial

Actor Park Seo Joon has kept a promise with the fans of “She Was Pretty” by doing a photo shoot with the drama’s fans.

The actor promised to do this event if “She Was Pretty” is high in viewership ratings. Thanks to its skyrocketing popularity, some lucky fans got a chance to meet Park Seo Joon and do a pictorial with him!

For this pictorial, Park Seo Joon dressed up in a fun outfit to follow a “holiday party” concept. The staff used whistles and lots of confetti to create the party atmosphere, which turned out quite successful.

park seo joon instyle 2

In just a week, 5,600 fans applied to be chosen for this photo shoot. Out of all those fans, six lucky ladies were picked, all of whom submitted unique photos of themselves or touching stories that caught the event affiliates’ eyes.

The fans were very good during the photo shoot although this was their first time shooting a pictorial. Park Seo Joon and the fans were all bright and lovely, which made the staff on set even compliment their talents.

Meanwhile, fans will be able to check out their pictorial in InStyle‘s December issue.

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