11 of the Best Pepero Kisses in Korean Entertainment

Happy Pepero Day! Celebrated annually on November 11 since long ago — the exact date of origin is unknown — these chocolate covered snacks were said to have originally been exchanged in the hopes of growing taller and thinner — in the way that you might exchange dollars in the hope of becoming richer. Now, it’s just a fun little day to show your love for someone with a simple gift, and an excuse to throw your diet to the wolves and munch on some delicious snacks! If there’s no Pepero available near you, no worries. They’re also really easy to make on your own.

Much more well-known than the story behind Pepero Day is the famous Pepero game. Undoubtedly you’ve seen idols and actors alike unintentionally — or intentionally — bump lips and teeth while playing the game. If you’re unfamiliar with the popular couple activity, it’s quite self-explanatory.

Just check out these awesome idol and actor Pepero moments from your favorite variety shows!

Park Seo Joon and Song Ji Hyo are up against Kim Jong Kook and Ha Yeon Soo in “Running Man” (Episode 198).

Amber plays the game with VIXX’s N: “More? More?”

“Running Man” has really been around the block with this game…

Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo, Jo Jung Suk and Song Ji Hyo, Gary and Shin Min Ah do a Pepero train with noodles (Episode 215).

Of course we love our Monday Couple (and sabotage):

Song Ji Hyo and Gary, and Kim Jong Kook and No Sa Yeon (Episode 137).

Lee Kwang Soo can’t handle Uee (Episode 137).

And Uee can’t handle Chansung.

Leeteuk is too much for Kang Sora.

Amber’s sufficiently nervous and jittery with T-ara‘s Soyeon.

Lay and Sehun GO FOR IT. And D.O loves it.

ToppDogg is hilarious. And aggressive.

Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo are so good Lee Seung Gi and Gary don’t know what to do with themselves (Episode 228).

Of course, this is in no capacity representative of all the awesome Pepero game moments from Korean television. Which were some of your all-time favorites?

Check out some more clips of EXO, VIXX, Teen Top, and others here:

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