9MUSES’ Comeback Is Scheduled to Be on Time Despite Sungah’s Ankle Injury

Despite 9MUSESSungah’s ankle injury, the group will be preparing for comeback without much delay.

On November 11, Star Empire revealed Sungah injured her ankle while walking down from stairways. She is currently undergoing treatment after the doctors recommended two weeks of physical therapy.

“Though her injury doesn’t impair her daily life, the doctors recommended refraining from dancing because the powerful moves are too much for her,” a Star Empire representative said.

9MUSES is currently preparing for their upcoming comeback.

“There will be no delay in the group’s comeback. Sungah was injured last week, and she is currently undergoing treatment. We are adjusting everything around her so that she doesn’t have to move,’ the representative said.

“Currently the swelling of her ankle has significantly reduced. Though she is slightly limping, the agency will be supporting her so that there is no delay to the comeback,” the representative added.

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