“She Was Pretty” Park Seo Joon and “Kill Me Heal Me” Ji Sung Are Lovers in Fan-Made Parody Video

A talented fan has created a parody video pairing Park Seo Joon and Ji Sung together, and it’s fantastic.

The title is “Yo Na Was Pretty,” referring to Ji Sung’s character Yo Na in “Kill Me Heal Me,” who is paired with Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) from “She Was Pretty.”

The story unfolds as Yo Na is in a one-sided love with Ji Sung Joon, and she does everything she can to catch his attention. Sadly, he is not very interested in her yet.

As time goes by, Ji Sung Joon starts to become more interested in Yo Na but tells her to disappear, which she obeys.

One day, Ji Sung Joon attends an inaugural ceremony for a new vice-president of his magazine. That’s when Yo Na appears in front of him again, but this time looking a bit different than before.

Yo Na says, “I am vice-president Cha Do Hyun,” and the video ends with Ji Sung Joon looking surprised.

Watch the parody video below!

Many people who saw this video are complimenting the editor for his/her amazing talent. This YouTube user, Rapha Art, has created many other videos that are also worth watching.

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