You’ll Never Drink Alone With This Limited Edition Soju Bottle

What’s a night on the town if you can’t have a little fun with your drunken shenanigans?

Popular soju brand Chum Churum (a subsidiary of Lotte Liquors) will be releasing a limited edition soju bottle in collaboration with the design company Sticky Monster Lab, along with opening a pop-up store where character merchandise can be purchased.

The character itself is called the Drunken Monster, and the Drunken Monster bottles will be available in groceries and convenience stores starting from mid-November. Additionally, the pop-up store will be opening in the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul with an event on November 13 at 7 p.m. KST, where the Drunken Monster figurines will be released.

A representative for Chum Churum stated, “We wanted to construct a young and trendy image through this collaboration with a design group that young people like. Following what the consumers want, we will spare no cost for our soju marketing.”

Watch the video here! It’s super adorable and provides a nice intro to Korean drinking etiquette (always pour drinks for your friend, not yourself, and always use two hands when receiving the drink)!

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