Rapper SuperBee Disses Tablo in New Song

On November 13, SuperBee released his new song “Ambulance” and revealed his side of what happened on “Show Me the Money 4” while dissing Tablo.

In his song, SuperBee states that Tablo and Incredivle had a relationship prior to the broadcast of the rap survival show and as a result, SuperBee had been eliminated unfairly.

His lyrics for “Ambulance” say, “All the players already know that Bee got eliminated because Incredivle is HIGHGRND.” Later, he raps, “You stole my song and stage ideas.”

SuperBee directs most of his dissing to Tablo and continues, “If you take off your mask of mass appeal you’re Diablo inside. You play politics so well politicians’ cheeks hurt. No, you should try running for candidacy.” He also says that Tablo’s hobby is talking behind Amoeba Culture’s back.

Furthermore, he reveals his phone number at the end of his song and encourages Tablo’s supporters as well as his own fans to call him.

Previously, SuperBee had been a contestant on “Show Me the Money 4” and was on the YG team which included Tablo and Jinusean as producers. When the producers ended up choosing Incredivle over him, he had stated, “The concept and items for ‘Oppa’s Car’ all came from my ideas. I don’t understand [why I got eliminated].”

Listen to his full diss track below:

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