Park Shin Hye Fans Express Their Dissatisfaction With Her Friendships With Male Celebrities

While actress Park Shin Hye is cheering on her friend, singer Lee Hong Ki, several netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction toward their friendship.

On November 12, the actress posted relevant photos of his first solo album “FM302” on her Instagram account. She also plugged his album title track music video mentioning her part in it.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki met on the set of the 2009 SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” and have remained close friends ever since.

However, several comments by her fans clearly upset over her close friendship with Lee Hong Ki and his agency FNC Entertainment have surfaced.

Here is one of the posts:

“I really can’t stand it today. He goes on variety shows and rambles on about how aggressive her personality is and gets it written up in so many articles. Yet her fans are having mental breakdowns trying to shield her from negative comments on online community sites. You didn’t know that, huh? Go check out those sites every now and then. See if there’s even a mention of those incidents… You’re so cruel to your quiet and patient fans who don’t even want to talk about those things. I hope you know how your fans feel… Not wanting to see any male celebrities and tags on your Instagram. I thought you’d know, but I don’t think you do. So I’m telling you straight up. Don’t do that again. I hope this is the last time… I hope you read our comments.”


Another netizen wrote, “I’m not just talking about this agency. We don’t care about other idol members or other people on her drama. Don’t publicize your friendships with others and show us yourself only, Park Shin Hye.”

Yet another netizen commented, “Don’t publicize your friendships with male celebrities. Don’t talk about it and don’t let others use your friendship either.”

On the other hand, some netizens expressed their confusion over negative comments and sent Park Shin Hye messages of support. One said:

“You two looked so great, so I came here to cheer you on. But I see some comments that are hurtful toward Park Shin Hye. I understand her fans get upset over negative comments she may receive over her friendship with male celebrities. However, I don’t think we have the right to tell her whom to be friends with or to hang out with. If I was in her place, I’d get hurt over these fans’ comments rather than some other nonsensical negative commenters. Considering the circumstances, I’d take a step back and protect her as a fan, so that those negative comments can roll off her back. Park Shin Hye, stay strong. I look forward to seeing the music video.”

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What are your thoughts? Do you think her fans are out of line?

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